About Us

Meet the team behind FINVANTRA

FINVANTRA is on a mission to develop all weather trading technologies with the idea to massively benefit our retail customers .

From building trading strategies to automated trading solutions, we have a single minded agenda : how can we make your trading experience more valuable? it’s an idea patiently being built over time through a repetitive process. Some days are messy, others are brutally hard, but we have the comfort of knowing that there is a system backing you up to build out our dreams.

The Vision to start FINVANTRA had everything to do with our strong conviction in fully automated trading on Derivatives segment to be offered to the retailers. As derivative strategies are Hedge fund style trading which takes both long & short position.

Our journey began in 2018 , awarded as Indias 2nd Wisest financial advisor in 2019 . In early 2020 Started with building, collecting, deploying and maintaining fully automated trading solutions for our clients.

Today, FINVANTRA is continuously building all-weather, multi-strategy, diversified set of fully autonomous, quantitative strategies. From latency sensitive to more passive strategies, trades are centred around the futures and options markets at times in cash equities markets in India.

Constant Adaptation to the market conditions with Stringent Risk Management System are are continuously tracked and trading strategies and execution protocols are constantly being tested and developed on a stringent multi metric based screeners. Only then the best set of strategies are then deployed on to the clients accounts.

With FINVANTRA, we have you covered form all the sides . Our All Weather Regular Income is a proprietary strategy that ensures your funds allocated do well in good as well as bad times. This is a strategy where we do not need to know where the market are going or where it will go. We package them into one automated trading application, and run the software on your personal brokerage account.

Pannkaj Chopraa

An entrepreneur at heart, with over a decade long experience in stock trading. Pannkaj has been trading exclusively with algorithmic trading strategies since 2017. As a mentor & investor of multiple successful venture & angel backed Startups, Pannkaj has had the privilege of working closely with some of the world’s most brilliant minds in finance, technology and product. Deeply committed to add value to the startup fin-tech ecosystem and revolutionise entrepreneurship in India.

Deepak Sonkar

With an experience of over a decade in financial services sector, his expertise spans across the entire spectrum of financial markets. Deepak has been associated with some of the leading wealth management setups, both with retail and Ultra High Net Worth clients.He has worked in several segments of financial services across Banking, Stock Broking, Asset Management & Allocation for Private Clients & Institutions.

Karishma Jain

A Certified Financial Planner from FPSB, affiliated with FPA, Australia & successfully cleared the Intermediate Professional Competency Course (IPCC) in Chartered Accountant from ICAI, India.
Karishma is well known for her sharp business acumen and creative ingeniousness. She has a deep passion for finance, trading, and market economics. With a fresh outlook and inherent knack for ideating, she aspires to build systems to add value to the financial market ecosystem.