Subjective or Rule-Based Trading System?

There are two main streams of thought when it comes to trading systems and strategies. There are those who believe an entirely rule-based system works best. There are others who believe a more flexible approach to trading is required, where guidelines are used, but not fixed rules. Then there are traders, like myself, who fall […]

Trading Lessons I’ve Learned From 15 Years Of Trading

#1: Consistent actions lead to consistent results I remembered my first trading system. It was a Time Range Break Out mean breakout strategy. You buy when the price crosses the upper band and sell when it crosses at the lower band. The first few trades I did were winners, then the losses came and I […]

Why Rule Based Trading Systems May Be the Best Place for You to Start

In this post you will learn: The difference between a rule and a guideline That rules are not just for technical traders; discretionary traders and fundamental investors also use rules How to find the rules that are worth using A rule is different than a guideline. Think of it like a road. A rule is […]